Optometric Services


Total Eye Care's Optometric Services provide the highest quality of personalized and compassionate care utilizing his over 30 years of experience. He treats every patient as the unique individual that they are.

A comprehensive eye examination for all ages including:

- Measurement of visual acuity (need for eyeglasses and contact lenses)
- Pupil dilation to check for diabetes, high blood pressure and macular degeneration
- Evaluation for cataracts and glaucoma
- Facial, eyelid and pupil asymmetries
- Vision assessment for “lazy eye” and cross eyes (strabismus)

¨ Total Eye Care is experienced in fitting all types of the most technologically advanced contact lenses for:
- Myopia, Hyperopia and Presbyopia (nearsighted, farsighted and reading glasses)
- Astigmatism correction
- Bifocal and tri-focal corrections
- Keratoconus

- Diagnosis and treatment of eye infections, dry eyes and allergies
- Emergency care including the treatment of red eyes, foreign body removal and the evaluation of flashing light
  sensations and floaters
- Glaucoma diagnosis and treatment
- Cataract evaluation
- LASIK laser vision correction assessment
- Fitting for specialized eyewear for sports and computers
- Total Eye Care offers Saturday and evening appointments

- Full service optical department offering a large selection of quality eyeglass frames and lenses
- Optical laboratory on premises
- Direct billing for EYEMED, MEDICARE and many other insurance plans

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