Laser Cataract Surgery

Laser assisted Cataract Surgery is the newest and most effective technology available. Many of my patients that have opted to have this customized procedure have been able to achieve independence from glasses.

The availability of this technology allows me to approach each operation as a refractive procedure. The incision site is extremely small, sutures are not required and healing takes place within a few days.

The new Alcon LenSx Femtosecond laser gives me a real time precise and very detailed 3-D image of your eye. In customizing the procedure for your eye, I use the laser to perform some of the more crucial steps in your surgery. These benefits are:

  • Extremely precise corneal incisions
  • Precision centration of the circular opening of the Anterior Lens Capsule
  • Softening and breaking up of the cataract
  • Customized astigmatism control
  • More controlled IOL positioning

After you and I have a comprehensive discussion regarding your lifestyle and desired visual outcome, we can then decide which type of IOL would work best for you.

Using this advanced technology allows me to give you, my patient, the highest level of post operative visual satisfaction, regardless of the IOL that we choose.

There's eye care and there's advanced eye care. See the difference advanced eye care can make. Have your questions answered in person by Dr. Kraft.Schedule an Appointment.

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