The ageing face is characterized by skin quality changes and a reduction of soft tissue volume. Most notably, there is an increase in the formation of wrinkles. Most commonly, these changes show up in the lips, the nasolabial folds (the line from the nose to the outside corner of the lips), and the marionette lines (the line from the edge of the mouth going downward and separating the jaw and chin area).

JUVEDERM is a very malleable smooth gel made of hyaluronic acid that creates a natural appearance when injected under the skin. Hyaluronic acid is our own skin hydrator and volume producer that diminishes with age. JUVEDERM hydrates the skin, adds volume and improves the overall skin appearance. It eliminates the wrinkles and folds and can last up to a year between treatments. The treatment is simple and only takes a few minutes in the office.

BOTOX is frequently used in conjunction with fillers to give a more pleasant and well rounded appearance.


Botulinism Toxin-Type A, commonly known as BOTOX is a purified protein that is used to reduce the wrinkles that are caused by contraction of our facial muscles. The more facial expressions that we use such as smiling, frowning, etc, the deeper the lines become.

BOTOX blocks the nerve impulses to the selected muscles and reduces their activity. In younger people, this helps to prevent deeper furrows from forming. In older adults, it smoothes out the wrinkling and gives the skin a better looking appearance.

After treatment, the untreated facial muscles still contract to allow facial expression but the skin remains smooth and unwrinkled. The treatment is simple and safe and only takes a few minutes. The most commonly treated areas are the forehead, glabellar frown lines above the nose and the crow’s feet at the edges of our eyes.

Because the ageing face also loses sub-skin volume, BOTOX is often combined with facial fillers such as JUVEDERM to replace the lost tissue and give a more natural and youthful appearance.


Our eyelashes serve to prevent dust and debris from irritating our eyes. However, long eyelashes have been a standard desire of women since the time of Cleopatra. Mascara is a tar based petroleum product that coats the lashes. LATISSE is the only FDA approved treatment that increases the length, thickness and density of the lashes. One drop at bedtime with an applicator shows results within 6 weeks.

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